NEW MOON IN CANCER: Treating Old Wounds

July 4, 2016 marks a new moon in the astrological sign of Cancer. Introspection and self-care are not optional right now, they are mandatory. Be prepared, it’s going to hurt before it can heal.


Oh, Cancer! Your crusty exterior protects one of the softest, most vulnerable personalities in the zodiac. Emotionally driven, protective of your home, and often unable to put yourself first, you can be one of the most complicated signs to unlock. Drawing you out of your shell is usually an exercise in futility, and those who love you must learn to accept the shell, and ask to be let in instead of banging on the door demanding you come out.

The sign of Cancer is ruled by the moon, and any meditations or spellwork that are coordinated with the moon phases at this time highlight emotional, domestic, fertility, and inner healing issues. The moon’s silvery, penetrating rays cast a glow on the deepest secrets and mysteries of our emotional selves, and empower us to embrace and acknowledge our shadows.

The new (dark) moon in Cancer on July 4 bids us to go into the garden of our emotions at night and wait for our inner eyes to adjust to the darkness. As the moon waxes, and her gentle but insistent light grows, our most troubling, long-buried wounds are uncovered. The addictions, the rejections, the baggage, the fears, the burden of unforgiven mistakes, all come forward in desperate need of your care and attention.

This important period of introspection is uncomfortable, to say the least. No one enjoys revisiting our darkest hours. We spend exhorbitant amounts of time and effort repressing and supressing the things that we did not want to take the time to find answers for, or which seemed to hurt too much to cope with. We then double down on it by using the time that has gone by since we chose to ignore our issue(s) as a further excuse to let it languish. It’s been umpteen years, why bring it up now?

Indeed, why bring it up now?

Because the hardest thing you will ever, ever do is look inside yourself, and it’s a challenge that will reward you with answers, strength, and peace of mind if you choose to accept it. This new moon makes turning inward and meeting your shadows as gentle and natural-feeling as it can be, and combined with the nurturing, maternal aspect of Cancer, you can inspect, assess, and dress your wounds with the utmost care and understanding. You can get to the root of your issues without inflicting further harm in the process.

You wouldn’t think twice about helping someone you love. You’d nurse them back to health, hold them close when they are afraid, and stand by them when they struggle with things only they can fix. And you’d love them unconditionally through it all! Now is the time to show yourself some of that empathy. Now is the perfect time to deal with the issues, no matter how deeply buried, that keep you from stepping up to the completely joyful, unencumbered emotional life you deserve.

As always, take this loving reminder with you: Harm none. When seeking to remove or release someone or something from your life which has hurt you, ask very clearly for a solution that is effective, lasting, and correct for all. This includes mistakes you’ve made. Further negative self-talk will bring you no closer to resolution, so be mindful of the things you say to yourself.

I wish you the brightest of blessings, love, and luck, today and all days! Stay in touch at and at And if you like my style and find my insight useful, schedule a holistic tarot reading via phone, skype, or email!
Rev. Brooke


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