SUMMER SOLSTICE FULL MOON: June 20, 2016 Holds Immense, Mythic Magick


Greetings, fellow Seekers! Get control of your schedule for Monday, June 20, because you do not want to miss the unbelievable benefits of this year’s summer solstice!

For the first time since 1948, we will have a full moon on the solstice. This conjunction means rare, potent magick is in the offing. The full moon and the solstices lend their own brand of tremendous power to spellwork, manifestation/diminishment meditations, and astrological forecasts.

Traditionally, the full moon and the summer solstice are events that celebrate all things that are ripe, abundant, and in full bloom. We express our deepest gratitude on the solstice to the earth for the bounty that is coming forth at this time. Her trees and vines are bursting with fruits and vegetables that nourish our bodies and put our spirits back in touch with the miracles of nature. At the full of the moon, we bask in the mysterious silver rays that light our way to see that which has been hidden, and give thanks for things that have come to maturation in the last 30 days.

The full moon and the summer solstice also hold some of the most powerful banishing magick to be found in the metaphysical world. Diminishment spells and meditations receive supercharged assistance when enacted on the full moon and left to remove the undesired issue as the moon grows smaller. Banishment rituals done on the summer solstice (after giving thanks, of course,) are best used for issues that may take six months or more to lessen or disappear. Long-term weight loss, the closure on a painful divorce, deep addictions, phobias, and illness all top the list of things that benefit from the slow, steady work of the gradual shortening of the days.

When banishing magick is done on this unusual conjunction, expect to see results that knock your socks off!

When we’ve reached our limit on a situation that we want to remove from our future experience, we’re ready NOW! We’re hot and aggravated, or so darn tired, that we need relief, like yesterday! But we all know that the longest-lasting beneficial changes need time to take hold and settle in. Waiting and having faith can test the foundations of the most patient among us, and time is needed for the tangled threads of a complicated situation to sort themselves out. But this full moon solstice gives us fast gratification AND long-term diminishment!

In the combining of these two powerful celestial events, we receive a swift result from the two-week cycle of the moon that takes her from full to void (new,) and the luck, diligence, and endurance that is needed to go the distance from the solstice.

This means that a lifestyle change for health or weight loss yields nearly instant feelings of relief and an ecouraging reading from the scale, and it becomes easier to let go of the long-term habits and thoughtforms that may have helped put your health in jeopardy. The endurance of the power of the solstice phases those things out, and reduces your cravings for unhealthy food so steadily, it seems like no effort at all, and you may find yourself wondering how you lived life without a daily walk or swim!

If you cannot or do nor want to continue in your current career, but don’t have the luxury of walking out, take heart! A banishing spell can open a new door for you within the next few weeks in order to place you somewhere more enjoyable. But don’t expect it to be permanent! It’s first-aid while the long-term action of the solstice hears out your desires, and conspires to get you into a field where your heart and wallet are equally full. **ALERT!** This means your radar must be fully engaged! The next six months will be teeming with coincidence and serendipity, because these shifts are all about chance meetings and being in the right place at the right time. You must submit to the whim of a cup of coffee at that new café, the urge to take the long route home, and the desire to horn in (in a friendly way!) on the conversation of strangers. Get off the beaten track of your routines, or you’ll miss your opportunities!

And the bad relationship that just seems to drag on? You know, the one that should have been over ages ago, but it didn’t seem possible to cut the cord cleanly? The ramifications were going to be too messy, dramatic, and painful, so you’re languishing in purgatory. Not anymore! A banishing spell right now for this issue can mean an easier immediate split, and then ever-calmer waters while the assets are divided, the emotions are soothed, and you both move forward with a cleaner slate. This full moon solstice energy may also be the catalyst to a meaningful conversation that puts the whole relationship into perspective for both of you, and even though you’re still splitting up, a respect and understanding may be fostered for what you used to have, and how you each benefited from the things that were good. This aspect in particular is important for exes that must co-parent. **ALERT** You must also be on the look out for coincidence and serendipity. It will yield that new apartment that’s perfect on your single income, that bit of extra work to smooth out some unexpected expenses, and the opportunities for soul-soothing activities that put you back in touch with your inner light.

As always, take this loving reminder with you: Harm none.Banishing rituals can be sticky wickets, because often, we’re seeking to remove people or situations that cause us pain. Do not allow the mirage of victimhood to be an excuse for petitioning the Universe for an end to an issue that includes pain for another person. Ideally, the solution to a painful situation, is one wherein each party can find it easy to walk away. With tension comes more tension, and resolution never comes of ongoing strife. If you are asking for a person to be removed from your life, or a harmful issue of which they are a part, repeat after me:

I ask that this be correct, and for the good of all. This shall be resolved easily, permanently, and with no harm inflicted. It is fixed, and it is so.

Brightest blessings, and I wish you much love and luck while you let go of the things that do not serve your highest good. Blessed Solstice!


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