Neptune Retrograde: Permission to Dream GRANTED!


Mercury gets all the attention for going retrograde! But get excited, because Neptune’s backing it up until November 19! Neptune “The Planet of Mist” rules Pisces, all liquids (even booze and blood!) and takes 146 years to transit the zodiac. It spends 14 years in each sign, and about 6 months of the year in retrograde, so its effects are wide-spread but more on the subtle side.

Neptune is THE big daddy of inspiration, dreams, intution and natural psychic abilities, spirituality, mercy, and compassion. It urges us to reject limitations and keep striving to create the world in which we’d love to live. Neptune takes the legendary beauty of Venus and multiplies it to the Nth degree with the heaven and earth moving powers of spirituality. It despises coarseness, and prefers to dull the tack that pops the balloon of our dreams by just ignoring some unpleasant realities. It takes its mission of inspiring fantasy very seriously, why spoil it with the harsh light of day?

Neptune in retrograde is GREAT!! It gives us full permission to dream, create, and immerse ourselves in the soul-nourishing topics of paradise, spirituality, metaphysics, and inner growth. It couples those things with a dose of practicality and reality, and in the combining, we are shown how to realistically go about making our dreams real! How amazing is that?!

It makes us take a real look at situations we’ve glossed over (debt, unfulfilling relationships, soul-sucking jobs,) and gives us oceans of inspiration as to how we can solve them creatively, and in ways that appeal to our values and highest self. It also helps us physically apply our empathy and sympathy to another’s misfortune by setting our energies in motion.

So now that you’ve got auspicious conditions to dream and plan, what can you envision and manifest? My guess is ANYTHING! Brightest blessings!


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